The antenna KUA-35/5 is a wideband shortwave transportable antenna. The mast is composed of seven sections each made of epoxy - glass composite material. On the top of the mast is the impedance transformer which is connected to two 7-wire dipole sections. From the top of the mast 7-wire sections of dipoles go toward the ground, guyed on it with ropes and pegs. Dipoles are connected over the special junction element and coaxial cable with 3-wire dipoles, mounted similar from the top of the mast toward the ground. Such construction of the antenna allows beside wideband characteristics also an approximately circular horizontal radiation pattern and vertical radiation toward the zenith. Therefore the antenna is suitable for communications over short to middle ranges up to 1500 km with sky and ground waves. The antenna is packed in the transportable linen bags.

Technical specification

Frequency range 1,5 - 30 MHz
Impendance 50 ohm
VSWR < 2.5
Polarisation HOR.
Maximum power 1 kW CW
Radiation diagram DIAG. 2, 3
Height 10 m
Lenght of sections 7 X 1,4 m
Mass 67 kg
Section diameter 60 mm
Mount time / no. of people 30 min / 3 p
Mounting area diameter 25 m 
Wind velocity 120 km/h 
Temperature range -40....+70 °C


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